Tap… tap, is this thing (still) on?

I have to come clean about my problem. It is well over four years ago, when I put the landing page for Lapisense online. I was – and still am, but bear with me – very excited about solving a common problem for premium WordPress product vendors: licensing and updates. Over those four years, I have built countless prototypes of what I thought Lapisense should look like, but none of them have moved forward out of their infancies.

Call it imposter syndrome, call it a lack of perseverance. Something blocked me from pulling the trigger and go forward with the concept of Lapisense and actually put it out there for people to use.

Over the years, I have changed my mind about the whole concept of Lapisense about a million times. None of the ideas really seemed to stick. Some days, offering a fully hosted service that handled licensing and updates seemed the way to go, but the next day I found a great way to have Lapisense integrate in other parts of the actual WordPress installation as well. A plugin seemed the best approach after all. It freaked me out. Nothing seemed good enough. That’s when it dawned on me… none of my ideas are mutually exclusive.

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