Friday Facts #1: Laying the foundation for products and integrations

This week already was one of the weeks that I dreaded having, since I committed to the idea of weekly updates. In order to have something to show, something needs to happen. So in this weeks update, only two minor changes that both setup the foundation for the rest of the plugin:

  • Admin menu and page handlers
    In the first official pull request of the new repository, I have introduced the administration panel menu and the corresponding page handlers. The corresponding pages are still empty and have no function, but should get some logic of showing their respective sets of data soon enough.
  • Default post type and relation to keys
    Next up, was the implementation of the default post type that will resemble the products that you will be adding licenses to. This default post type can be replaced by integrations (more on that later) with eCommerce plugins or other platforms.

Speaking of integrations, I already have the first basic fundamental plugins ready for the WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads integrations ready. Using one of these, would mean that you can simply connect your existing products in your store to the Lapisense plugin and start selling actual licenses right from you store.

A lot more of the foundation needs to be build into the core plugin for these integrations to actually start functioning, but there is a start!

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