Friday Facts #2: Diving deeper into integrations and real world idea validation

How is it Saturday already?! This week has seen no actual code changes. Both my work and personal agenda have been completely filled, so there was too little time to sit down and write some actual code. That doesn’t mean nothing happened this week though.

My available brainwaves this week have been spent on getting my mind around how integrations with eCommerce platforms, like WooCommerce for example, would work. Last week I briefly touched on the integrations concept already, but my ideas at that time were quite short-sighted. The ideal situation is that integrations with other plugins that offer their own ‘product’-like post type, simply replace the default product post type that Lapisense offers. This sounds simple enough, right?

Yes, it is quite simple (and I do have to be careful not to over-engineer this again, as I did in the past), but there are a couple caveats. Even though I’m working on getting a working MVP out the door as soon as possible, I don’t want to make the code ‘ugly’, or impossible to maintain. There is a lot of potential for overlapping code – be it in meta boxes or logic that deals with the actual post – because it has to work with multiple post types. This also happens in the database schema. I hope the coming week will allow me to spend more time on this and properly document my game plan.

Something cool happened offline as well this week, related to the Lapisense project. Jaime stopped by at our Level Level office this week and briefly mentioned that he actually might have a use case already for Lapisense! At that moment, I was still busy with all sorts of things and didn’t fully understand or appreciate how cool this was: Jaime is actually tracking the project and wants to work with it. Thank you Jaime, this was the prod in the right direction that I needed – very much appreciated!

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